RCMSi, Remote Calibration

RCMSi, Remote Calibration

Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet (RCMSi)

Colour measurement instruments need regular checking with calibration standards to ensure correct operation and compliance to established international standards.

RCMSi is the process in which a number of tightly controlled calibration liquids are measured in a 50 mm cell* via the Calibration function of a PFXi. The data is communicated via the internet to a secure server and compared to Master Data. If the data passes within tolerance, then a Certificate of Calibration is made electronically available to the user. This allows The Tintometer Ltd to ensure a PFXi instrument is operating correctly and fully calibrated using ISO 17025 certified standards.

Thus users can be 100% confident that all PFXi readings are reliable. In addition RCMSi eliminates the timely and costly need to return equipment to a service centre unnecessarily.

Watch the RCMSi video to see how easy the procedure can be.

Please register before performing your first calibration.

Certificates of Calibration are provided post process.

*(Please note 50mm cell must be used when performing RCMSi calibration.)