Range: 0-500 units
Path Length: 10mm

The colour ranges from yellow to brown defined by specified dilutions of an iodine solution, ranging from 1 for the lightest colour to 500 for the darkest. Used mainly in European countries for the colour grading of solvents, plasticisers, resins, oils and fatty acids. For colours registering 1 or less on the Iodine scale, the Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Units are applicable.

When using the Lovibond Comparator, please select the correct cell for each disc as follows:   Disc 4/57,  Cell W680/OG 25mm.   Disc 4/58, Cell W6/80/OG 10mm.  Disc 4/59 Cell W680/10mm.  Disc 4/60, Cell W680/OG 2.5mm.  The discs are calibrated at mg/100ml.

The procedure for manufacturing these standards is time consuming and the solutions, even when stored in a cool dark place, are not colour stable. It is for these reasons that standards of a more stable nature were in demand. Thus a series of  Lovibond® colour discs were originally developed to represent this scale.

The Scale is now available in a digital format on our automatic PFX and PFXi ranges of instruments, allowing fast and direct measurement of Iodine Colour.

PFX<i>i</i>-195/1 PFXi-195/1
PFX<i>i</i>-995 PFXi-995
AF333 Iodine Colour Scale (DIN 6162) AF333 Iodine Colour Scale (DIN 6162)
142000 142000 Comparator instrument to bring the sample and the glass filters together for colour matching.
171010 171010 A standardised bench-top light source that guarantees constant and uniformed lighting conditions for colour matching.
For use with the Comparator 2000+.
245700 245700 4/57 Iodine Disc, 1 - 9
245800 245800 4/58 Iodine Disc, 10 - 50
245900 245900 4/59 Iodine Disc, 60 - 300
246000 246000 4/60 Iodine Disc, 400 - 1000
606780 606780 2.5mm Series Fused Optical Glass, For Disc 5/30
606810 606810 10 mm path length Series Fused Optical Glass
606860 606860 25 mm path length Series Fused Optical Glass.