Used to determine the colour acceptability of aviation gasoline that has been dyed for easy identification of grade. Lovibond® glass filters are available for minimum and maximum limits of red, blue, green, brown and purple dyes.

Instruments required.

Lovibond® disc 4/78 (Blue, Green, Brown, Purple Min/Max)      Lovibond disc 4/79 (Red Min/Max)

Nessler 2250.  Pair of 200ml cylinders, Nessler Daylight 2000+      

It is stongly recommended that the Nessler Daylight 2000+ be used when access to good quality north daylight is not available.                 

171020 171020 A standardised bench-top light source that guarantees constant and uniformed lighting conditions for colour matching.
For use with the Comparator 2000+.
172250 172250 A comparator instrument designed for colour matching of very pale coloured samples where a longer path length is desirable for accurate results.

The unit houses Nessler cylinders with a path length of 250 mm.

For use with the Comparator Daylight 2000+.

247800 247800 4/78 Gasoline Disc, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple
247900 247900 4/79 Gasoline Disc, Red
354210 354210 Pair of Nessler cylinders 200mm, with glass anti-meniscus plungers.