For grading vegetable oils and fats where colours are similar to potassium dichromate solutions. This colour scale tends to be used almost exclusively  by the German food oil industry.

It is recommended that the Daylight 2000 lighting unit be used  when defuse north daylight is not available. (south daylight when in the southern hemisphere) 

142000 142000 Comparator instrument to bring the sample and the glass filters together for colour matching.
171010 171010 A standardised bench-top light source that guarantees constant and uniformed lighting conditions for colour matching.
For use with the Comparator 2000+.
246200 246200 4/62 Dichromate Disc 1, 0.5 - 4
246300 246300 4/63 Dichromate Disc 2, 4.5 - 10
606860 606860 25 mm path length Series Fused Optical Glass.