This colorimetric test refers to refined products of coal tar consisting essentionally of hydrocarbons boiling below 200oC and substantially free from phenols and pyridine bases.

It is designed to give an indication of impurities found in Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons which, if sulphonated, would cause the material to be discoloured. These materials include benzene, toluene, xylenes, refined solvent napthas and other similar industrial hydrocarbons.

Please note. The digitial Acid Wash Test (ASTM D 848) Colour Scale upgrade for the PFX/PFXi-195 and PFX/PFXi-880, -950, -995 Series includes the following items:

-Tube Holder Base & Accessories.
-Acid Wash Shaking Tube x2.
-Acid Wash tube.
-Full Instructions.

PFXi-195/9 PFXi-195/9 AF710-3 AF710-3
PFXi-195/9 PFXi-195/9 AF710-3 AF710-3
PFX<i>i</i>-195/9 PFXi-195/9
AF710-3 AF710-3
142000 142000 Comparator instrument to bring the sample and the glass filters together for colour matching.
171010 171010 A standardised bench-top light source that guarantees constant and uniformed lighting conditions for colour matching.
For use with the Comparator 2000+.
296430 296430 Acid Wash Colour Disc (ASTM D 848), 1 - 8
296431 296431 Acid Wash Colour Disc (ASTM D 848), 9 - 14
352220 352220 Acid Wash Shaking Tube for discs 296430 & 296431