Solutions New Discs
If requested at the time of order, Lovibond® colour grading discs can be supplied with either a Certificate of Conformity or a Calibration Certificate. A Certificate of Conformity confirms that the disc has been manufactured, inspected and tested under the control of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and conforms in all respects with the stated standard or test method. A Calibration Certificate states the values obtained when measuring a set of traceable reference standards.

Used Discs
Depending on the requirements of the quality control system, used discs can be returned at regular intervals to Tintometer Ltd for checking, recertification or recalibration. Tintometer Ltd will also refurbish and clean Lovibond® test discs.

Standard Calibration Procedure for Discs and Conformance Filters
Visual evaluation of the disc/filter condition Verification that the discs are visually identical to the Tintometer Ltd masters Conformance filters are tested on master instruments belonging to The Tintometer Ltd ISO 9001 calibration certificate supplied

Additional Services Available
UKAS traceable calibration certificate (if relevant)