The Tintometer Limited is at the forefront of technical innovation for the colour measurement of liquids and solids. The product range incorporates both visual and automated instruments, reference liquid and coloured glass standards and a variety of precision fused cells. Spectrophotometers for transmission and reflectance; colorimeters and colour comparators are used internationally in many industries ranging from chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and medical, to those producing everyday foodstuffs and beverages.

The Tintometer Ltd is a committed member of the AOCS and takes an active part in the definition and development of future colour standards. The company’s knowledge of colour science ensures the products are capable of reading multiple scales including, but not limited to, those from AOCS, ASTM, CIE and ISO such as the Gardner, Lovibond® and Platinum Cobalt colour scales. A full list of supported scales, colour values and spectral data and their reference platforms can be viewed on our Colour Scales page.

The Tintometer Ltd enjoys a traditional history but an even more innovative future. The company was founded in 1885 by Joseph Lovibond, a prominent brewery owner who developed the ‘colorimeter’ as a means of ensuring the quality of his beer. By 1893 he had perfected his research and introduced the first instruments. Much has developed since then.

Today, the company is bringing colour measurement to the next generation. While still recognizing the importance of traditional methods, The Tintometer Ltd is introducing new techniques to bring measurement and quality control to an even higher level, developing creative solutions to ensure the continued reputation of the Lovibond® brand.

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