September 2018

Lovibonds Brewery

Many home beer brewers probably dream about turning their hobby into a business and having a proper craft beer brewery but most don’t realise their aspirations.

July 2018

Challenges of The Palm Oil Industry

The increasing trend of oil usage worldwide and the resultant effect on price fluctuations is driving the need for more accurate analysis within the supply chain. Specific to this is the rising popularity of Palm Oil and its derivatives: non-repetitive analysis across refineries, however, is still an issue.

May 2018

Meet Us At Achema

We shall be personally attending the ACHEMA Exhibition, Frankfurt am Main, Germany from the 11 - 15 June 2018.

February 2018

Good Laboratory Practice – A Guide to Conformance

When using any measurement equipment, it is important to ensure that everything you use is as clean as possible and correct for the measurement you are taking. Several aspects of good practice need to be considered.

November 2017

Does Colour Measurement Make You See Red . . . or Yellow?

Normally, when colleagues at the Tintometer® Group initially explain what the company does, the typical response is a fairly blank look. This makes the standard ‘elevator pitch’ somewhat challenging, unless you want to ride up and down a few times. Yet when you begin to explain the importance of colour measurement, the proverbial penny drops and the audience is captivated. Why, then, do we need to measure colour?